AZARA Youth Radio Club Members

AZARA is a Youth-Led Radio Science Club... our members lead the clubs future

Our member list and their training certificates are listed below.  To learn more, contact the mentor listed for your town or, if your town is not listed, please contact

AZARA Members



BLYTHE  -  Mentor Contact is Alice at

     Abigail L.  -  KM6EJP            
     Abigail V.  -  KM6EJW            
     Adeline  -  MM6HFX             
     Aubrey  -  KM6HFY             
     Austin H.  -   KM6GBK            
     Bradley  -   KM6GBH            
     Cele  -  KM6AGN          
     Christian  -  KM6DSG            
     Clayton  -  KM6EJV            
     Derek  -  KM6EJT          
     Emma  -  KM6HGB             
     Hayden  -  KM6DSD            
     Jace  -   KM6GBI            
     Joel  -  KM6EJX            
     Jonathan  -  KM6EJN            
     Joseph  -  KM6DSC            
     Joshua  -  KM6GBJ             
     Levi  -  KM6HFW            
     Luke  -  KM6HFV 
     Nicholas  -  KM6AFR        
     Nicolas  -  KM6HFZ             
     Preston  -  KM6DSF            
     Samantha  -  KM6ALX          
     Sophia  -  KM6HGC             
     Thomas  -  KM6EJQ            
     Tony  -  KM6HGA             
     Travis  -  KK6TDW        
     Victoria  -  KM6EJO            


BOUSE  -   Mentor Contact is Heather at 

     Eliyah  -  KI7IZL
     Matthew  -  KI7IZM
     Serenity  -  KI7IZP
     Shane  -  KI7IZN
     Vittoria  -  KI7IZO

EHRENBERG  -  Mentor Contact is Heather at

     Ashlynn  -  KI7AVE 
     Austin  -  KI7DDF           
     Billy  -  KI7AUU           
     Colt  -  KI7DDE           
     Kenna  -  KI7DDD           
     Krystian  -  KI7DDG           

HARCUVAR  -  Mentor Contact is Dave at 

     Danny  -  KI7AVD         

QUARTZSITE  -  Mentor Contact is Heather at

     Annie  -  KI7AUT         
     Ashtyn  -  KI7HHU             
     Cobey  -  KI7BFW             
     Grayce  -  KI7FYR             
     Jack  -  KI7BFX           
     Karl  -  KI7FYQ             
     Sarah  -  KI7BFV         

SALOME, WENDEN & HOPE -  Mentor Contact is Dave at, or 

     Fernando  -  KI7JCI            
     Jayden  -  KI7JCH            
     Jibran  -  KI7JCD            
     Kaniece  -  KI7JCJ            
     Roland  -  KI7JCF            
     Romel  -  KI7JCG            
     Sara  -  KI7JCE            

VICKSBURG  -  Mentor Contact is Dave at  

     Angel  -  KI7FYO            
     Kevin  -  KI7FYN             
     Monica  -  KI7FYP            


Symbol Key

  Successfully earned their FCC "Technican Class" Amateur Radio License
  Successfully earned their FCC "General Class" Amateur Radio License
Successfully earned their FCC "Extra Class" Amateur Radio License
  Successfully led the AZARA Youth Radio Net Control at least three times
    Earned AZARA Basic Pilot License by passing exams on the radio science of GPS, Radio Remote Control, Wireless Video Transmission and FAA Rules and aerial drone flight operations.
    Earned AZARA Senior Pilot License by successfully completing an unassisted solo flight test in addition to receiving their Basic Pilot License.
    Earned AZARA Master Pilot License by demonstrating advanced flight operations skills and participating as a youth instructor in addition to receiving their Senior Pilot License.
    Successfuly passed exam about satellites, stars and constellations including demonstrating an ability to use a computer astronomy application to track satellites, find stars and constellations, and understand how radio technology in space helps in our everyday lives.
NN   Numbers indicate participation points given each time a member participates in a club meeting or an AZARA Radio net. Members with higher participation have a more significant vote in the direction of their AZARA Radio Club activities. Number are reset to zero every four months.



STUDENTS  -  Read and learn about amateur radio and encourage your teachers and schools to support new projects. Speak with local radio amateurs and ask them about the many exciting opportunities for amateur radio in your school.

TEACHERS  -  Ham radio encourages hands-on investigation and experimentation as a basis for understanding technical subjects. Amateur radio experiences are a motivating influence for careers in computer sciences, consumer electronics, broadcast engineering, research sciences, medicine, telecommunications and more. Amateur radio also enriches the lives of thousands of people as a way to meet and make new friends, have fun, and pursue a path of lifelong learning. Speak with radio amateurs in your area about the many ways you can enrich the lives and learning of your students through amateur radio.

RADIO AMATEURS  -  Welcome and encourage students and teachers who contact you. Even better, create the opportunity whenever possible to share you knowledge, experience and passion for amateur radio and promote the many educational benefits that it can provide.


AZARA Members

It's easy to apply amateur radio for learning in our educational systems and each of us can participate.



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